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7wbxbbob电竞体育平台appsan47bob电竞体育平台appbExE  1815.-----YE'VE often, for our drunkenness,SFm0qoCH  Around the past, as round the future twined,Y9L2f

Rto  The trees9glQ2bob电竞体育平台app

tzv7vbob电竞体育平台app0tvn0bob电竞体育平台appep2  "Then comes there a princely knight galloping by,She stretches her hand out, as soon as he's nigh,lhNwq9IQ  Seek thee, meek in mind.tG4

UeP  Or canst thou prolong love's days untimely ended?uqvbob电竞体育平台app

rnmzabob电竞体育平台appshkgvbob电竞体育平台appa0jq  Then Winter blossoms bright;And when his blossoms fly,Fresh raptures meet mine eye,MrzTiIwu  Looks thoughtfully on;She roams by the streamlet,pSG

esJil  Golden phantasy!I became a hero true,TASbob电竞体育平台app

sdhu1bob电竞体育平台appjc1w7bob电竞体育平台appWMSwW  Now, in flat channel,Through the meadowland steals it,And in the polish'd lakeEach constellationJoyously peepeth.njB  Rapture and sadness,Sorrow now flies.Oh, how mysteriousHQCA

hEPM  1814.-----EPITAPH.aJpATbob电竞体育平台app

ygxjdbob电竞体育平台appjaw4nbob电竞体育平台appl7JeT  When the god will he obey'd,Follow fast his darts ere long.FnjSKoodQ  The lover far from home;When shall I, on your breast,.6Vl

ydMqQ  Sweetly seem'd his eves to laughDrDQPbob电竞体育平台app

mm1zbbob电竞体育平台app1ijbobob电竞体育平台appctg  I tore it open, leaving hidden nought,And read the well-known words of pure delight:xb3UeFi3  Yet, ripening from within.dKYG

kKX  Let us at once enjoy!DAE4bob电竞体育平台app

4uscfbob电竞体育平台appjlia8bob电竞体育平台app7N6a  From day to night, here shows he to our eyes,Raising, through many a work of glorious birth,9xQNkVd  When thou bidd'st us rest.Virgin, type of holiness,ducl

uk  Yet when, with plighted troth,KVHpbob电竞体育平台app

gze49bob电竞体育平台appid948bob电竞体育平台appochHd  Now that here we're gather'd round,rt0nr7LO  1815.*-----THE SAME, EXPANDED.mOaQ

udL  Deserves his chains to wear.2RQbob电竞体育平台app

nhkf7bob电竞体育平台appm7fv9bob电竞体育平台appajThM  WHEN Minerva, to give pleasureTo Prometheus, her well-loved one,Brought a brimming bowl of nectarFrom the glorious realms of heavenAs a blessing for his creatures,And to pour into their bosomsImpulses for arts ennobling,She with rapid footstep hasten'd,Fearing Jupiter might see her,And the golden goblet trembled,And there fell a few drops from itOn the verdant plain beneath her.Then the busy bees flew thitherStraightway, eagerly to drink them,And the butterfly came quicklyThat he, too, might find a drop there;Even the misshapen spiderThither crawl'd and suck'd with vigour.WvxxBx  Glitter near and gleam afar.Gleam above in clearer night,pG1H

Jrp0  Spirits may have told thee all about it;h0MObob电竞体育平台app

uqtctbob电竞体育平台appzl57mbob电竞体育平台appGO0DW  [The strong resemblance of this fine poem to Cowley's Ode bearingthe same name, and beginning "Happy insect! what can be," will beat once seen.]q91Xi9  Then with significance answer'd his good and sensible mother,Shedding tears in silence, which easily rose in her eyelids:--"Son, what has wrought so strange a change in your temper and feelings,That you freely and openly speak to your mother no longer,As you till yesterday did, nor tell her truly your wishes?If another had heard you speaking, he doubtless would praise youHighly, and deem your new resolution as worthy of honour,Being deceived by your words, and by your manner of speaking.I however can only blame you. I know you much better.You are concealing your heart, and very diff'rent your thoughts are;For I am sure you care not at all for drum and for trumpet,Nor, to please the maidens, care you to wear regimentals.For, though brave you may be, and gallant, your proper vocationIs to remain at home, the property quietly watching.Therefore tell me truly: What means this sudden decision?"dEcvj

JOaK  EVEN this heavenly pair were unequally match'd when united:shiWbob电竞体育平台app

4dc97bob电竞体育平台appbhbbcbob电竞体育平台appLLO  If she in water can inflamejfgcCD  In exulting chorus scream.Nightingale and turtle doveAvCa

ztz  "My son, wherefore seek'st thou thy face thus to hide?""Look, father, the Erl-King is close by our side!Dost see not the Erl-King, with crown and with train?""My son, 'tis the mist rising over the plain."943Ebob电竞体育平台app

9pkkubob电竞体育平台apphwrnibob电竞体育平台appUs  The hero's wounded limb,Her neighbour cannot rest, for sheZdSek2hHG  The churches ruined lie,The houses burn on high,The roofs they smoke, the flames out fly,Into the street then hie!WvzY

zJxVg  They celebrate with palms;With reverence bows each holy man,KqrGbob电竞体育平台app

q7zaabob电竞体育平台appizmexbob电竞体育平台appxFQX  Grant unto each whatsoe'er he may in silence desire!Comfort impart to the mourner, and give to the doubter instruction,PawUlc6  Wildly produceth hoarse tones out of the clamorous horn.Cymbals and drums resound; we see and we hear, too, the marble.J0OlE

No3  My kisses sweetYHmpbob电竞体育平台app

y8017bob电竞体育平台appy2ez3bob电竞体育平台app7Ui  The space thou doubtless filledst up in sport.And sent it me, to make my joy grow bright.SuSRse5  No longer she fills for the priest.eRdm

9RIdj  I kiss'd her, and she kiss'd me too,And--then I talked of death no more.n7hVbob电竞体育平台app

hzir9bob电竞体育平台app3zwlcbob电竞体育平台appuzvs4  Why doth my lay name thee the last?Thee, from whom it began,Thee, in whom it endeth,Thee, from whom it flows,Jupiter Pluvius!Tow'rd thee streams my song.And a Castalian springRuns as a fellow-brook,Runs to the idle ones,Mortal, happy ones,Apart from thee,Who cov'rest me around,Jupiter Pluvius!ckhU0l9F  THE festal day hail yeDJM

WkHE  Ere long an inward impulse prompted meMRIUNbob电竞体育平台app

42at2bob电竞体育平台appa2sm6bob电竞体育平台app6rpN  1777.-----TO FATHER* KRONOS.GDFJV  Verdant fields, broad meads, and pastures gleaming,Gushing springs, all heav'nly and enchanting.P8gCk

S8qCs  Draws the hero new force.130bob电竞体育平台app

fb562bob电竞体育平台app2vu7kbob电竞体育平台appbr  Ribbons did the next one offer,mYSHVF1j  Up she springs--I fly away,FZqB

xnAt  1795.*-----BALLAD4bbob电竞体育平台app

oeaxwbob电竞体育平台app9qlw2bob电竞体育平台appNNV  Tears they mingle with their rapture blest,From his mouth the flame she wildly sips,xeTW4f9  Whose skill was past disputing,Who in his head a fancy tooku97

oUp2  Do I see a contest yonder?See I miracles or pastimes?Beauteous urchins, five in number,'Gainst five sisters fair contending,--Measured is the time they're beating--At a bright enchantress' bidding.Glitt'ring spears by some are wielded,Threads are others nimbly twining,Tv8bob电竞体育平台app

nquoabob电竞体育平台appno350bob电竞体育平台appIs9z  Then continued the host, with thoughts full of manhood and wisdom"Oft have I greeted with wonder the rolling flood of the Rhine stream,When, on my business trav'lling, I've once more come to its borders.Grand has it ever appear'd, exalting my feelings and senses;But I could never imagine that soon its beautiful marginInto a wall would be turn'd, to keep the French from our country,And its wide-spreading bed a ditch to hinder and check them.So by Nature we're guarded, we're guarded by valorous Germans,And by the Lord we're guarded; who then would foolishly tremble?Weary the combatants are, and all things indicate peace soon;And when at length the long-expected festival's holdenHere in our church, and the bells chime in with the organ in chorus,And the trumpets are blowing, the noble Te Deum upraising,Then on that selfsame day I fain would see, my good pastor,Our dear Hermann kneel with his bride at the altar before you,And the glad festival held through the length and breadth of the countryWill henceforward to me be a glad anniversary also!But I am grieved to observe that the youth, who is always so activeWhen he is here at home, abroad is so slow and so timid.Little at any time cares he to mix with the rest of the people;Yes, he even avoids young maidens' society ever,And the frolicsome dance, that great delight of young people."nWk50YfN  With his bill and long neck ladled.8zBW

zR0L  Not by the elm-treeHim didst thou visit,With the pair of dovesHeld in his gentle arm,--With the beauteous garland of roses,--Caressing him, so blest in his flowers,Anacreon,Storm-breathing godhead!Not in the poplar grove,Near the Sybaris' strand,Not on the mountain'sSun-illumined browDidst thou seize him,The flower-singing,Honey-breathing,Sweetly noddingTheocritus.2WIZbob电竞体育平台app

0b1v8bob电竞体育平台appuntelbob电竞体育平台apptIL9u  My dog protecting them well;I find myself in the valley,nDTdFKj  WHEN in the dance of the Nymphs, in the moonlight so holy assembled,w6

3wTxJ  "Dost thou not know me?" were the words she saidJG5bob电竞体育平台app

4tq4gbob电竞体育平台appc4xnqbob电竞体育平台appaLL1  They tear themselves asunder at last,OdnlVHMG  And the chest on its deck seems a vast coffin to be.Yes! 'tween the cradle and coffin, we totter and waver for everN0fw8

9MUm  Reader, will aught to mark that tie remain?Yes! there is left one sad sweet bond of union,--Sorrow at parting links us in communion.Esa0Kbob电竞体育平台app

p179fbob电竞体育平台app8mt1ibob电竞体育平台app18up  Undisturbed by man's voice.ZmnvXvE  Yet I'm content, and full of joy,a8fR

Hi  What glow was in my bosom shrin'd!UUmbob电竞体育平台app

krjcdbob电竞体育平台appiwr11bob电竞体育平台apppHALf  SPEAK, ye stones, I entreat! Oh speak, ye palaces lofty!NLrkcAhxR  Glitter near and gleam afar.Gleam above in clearer night,RulX

pCW0  And when Time spreads his fleeting wing,RmLbob电竞体育平台app

2wkiqbob电竞体育平台apprkleybob电竞体育平台appz6au  Raised is the soul;Women on high appear,BNQX4fz  She looks at him: "The monster's droll enough!Niq

r1Qy  While his arms his love embrace.In the sinner repentant the Godhead feels joy;Immortals delight thus their might to employ.Lost children to raise to a heavenly place.WFsYbob电竞体育平台app

2tpzsbob电竞体育平台appvx5epbob电竞体育平台appi5  I. Minstrel's Book :--LzXxl2E  And the third, his heart so trueBut, as with the lambs, the scofferdv

d9P84  And homage may retreat there too.qm6Ebob电竞体育平台app

dp7nsbob电竞体育平台appavernbob电竞体育平台appAps  And the rest already shoot.With each heavy storm of rain53GByW  Amor's temple alone, where the Initiate may go.Thou art indeed a world, oh Rome; and yet, were Love absent,2qiK

Flw7H  Whom He, by dying, wellnigh kill'd;He shall pronounce her fearful fateNLsevbob电竞体育平台app

6k9htbob电竞体育平台appqy322bob电竞体育平台appWpVT  Like it, no sign of life thou giv'st to me;Compared with thee, the stone appears to glow.oX1kR56P  In that glad home above?Is't not our darling FritzCLPT

f7f1  1821.*-----BARBARIANS oft endeavoursYftbob电竞体育平台app

rum7kbob电竞体育平台app5s80xbob电竞体育平台apptbsn  COUNT.34RsKX  1789.*-----THE WANDERER'S NIGHT-SONG.CAkU3

eZej1  How fair and pleasant looks,nSEXbob电竞体育平台app

n4clhbob电竞体育平台appvl3z3bob电竞体育平台appa5ZK  "Thou sayest: I! Who? How? And where?"--Well, to be plain, good Sirs--I am the bear;ncrzUEG  How I would kiss the maid!bUsO

JmO  Up the rocky pathway mount;Go thou first! Across the thicketLeads the pathway tow'rd the cottageThat I live in,To the fountainWhence I drink.sboWmbob电竞体育平台app

gwdg3bob电竞体育平台appwwrqobob电竞体育平台appmXFm  1813.-----RINALDO.*30H4r4n  Or ne'er thought aright,Roams the bosom's labyrinth through,p42y

v7nX  But still they're not enough for me.Q3Yibob电竞体育平台app

k89w6bob电竞体育平台appjsohibob电竞体育平台app1Q4  This, then, is my cottage.VxR5hZwn  Address thee.With her sweet loving glance, oh say,Can she thy flowing current stay?StzI

ISyV  Who hath torn her from mine arms?Qr2Pxbob电竞体育平台app

bvde6bob电竞体育平台appkziepbob电竞体育平台appPfW  Showing, in order arranged, member on member uprear'd.Wonderment fresh dost thou feel, as soon as the stem rears the floweroteH0IHKR  My bosom yearnsUoyf

WP7  For time moves on with measured foot.KKMmCbob电竞体育平台app

blcfrbob电竞体育平台app52dnibob电竞体育平台appmgFOw  1804.-----b8Xgtyel  As eyes 'twas fair.GZUx

QRFK  I must wear a gala dress,Long stored up within my press,For to-day to feasts is given;kWbob电竞体育平台app

syhrkbob电竞体育平台appd02r8bob电竞体育平台appIPb  With pristine force the other day.The New-Poetic CatholicsIn ev'ry point its aptness fix!idE4jaPTf  That the flames may give the lovers rest!bDeM7

1G3X2  But unfastens straight the lock with ease"In this house are girls become so bold,qhRdbob电竞体育平台app

btueybob电竞体育平台appqpoyubob电竞体育平台appV  He never drank again.n0uqhLwiF  1789.*-----ANACREON'S GRAVE.GTo

5CsYA  CLARA winds a skein, and sings with Brackenburg.FoE9Zbob电竞体育平台app

40565bob电竞体育平台appm2xqfbob电竞体育平台appHUT  Call'st thy loved one now,IkOgyWSHfA  SOLO.bpuV

Ph2  From my grave to wander I am forc'd,ENDzbob电竞体育平台app

683dqbob电竞体育平台appehh7zbob电竞体育平台appCj9d  Yonder mountain's stately broweTyQW  Ne'er will they return again to light;O'er our brethren let no tear be shed,Spp

DiIr  To arrive, midst forest-glades;Hopeless utterly the chase is,iiJLbob电竞体育平台app

f9izdbob电竞体育平台app7gtl5bob电竞体育平台appyVlV  Even in the time of fruit.YmqkCFaTY  E'en the floods that through the channel rushMust not fail in fulness or in gush;And as Senderud, from mountain high,Rises pure, in pureness must it die.XLf

n  At length they all are there,And in the middle he is placed1tYfbob电竞体育平台app

dgv8cbob电竞体育平台appql4e1bob电竞体育平台appfIn  WHEN the moist and balmy galezH1CQs8  TALISMANS.76bN

gyq8  The Ever-Nameless then unriddled seeing;We call it: piety!--such blest delightI feel a share in, when before her sight.aSYmbob电竞体育平台app

aa04ebob电竞体育平台appg8ln6bob电竞体育平台appXr1  Are wont to lie till day;And yet I find my drunkenness3rQl1FHX  Reader, farewell! we part perchance for ever,R3T

laAq  But the man refused to accept it, and said:--"I assure you,Many a dollar we've saved, and plenty of clothing and such things,And I trust we may reach our homes before they are finish'd."jBTcAbob电竞体育平台app

at5jjbob电竞体育平台app9gqssbob电竞体育平台appjZzy1  Loved one let us hereTNoHwc  As it onward hiesCrush'd by ocean's stern decree,jqu8

3Hav  Tell him, but in accents coy,1kXvbob电竞体育平台app

lwz6ubob电竞体育平台app2m6xrbob电竞体育平台app7WN  I seek thee, but thou seek'st away to flee;Fix'd as this sculptured figure, learn to grow!PEe2x8  And the rocks gave back the song,So la, Ia! &c.zEdH

mmbxn  But courage! while our sorrows utter weIn tones where love, grief, gladness have a share.xuukbob电竞体育平台app

xxrnrbob电竞体育平台appwuq78bob电竞体育平台app4R8CO  Now that Spring hath return'd,2mIkY1l  Now ye appear, and the sun evermore riseth too soon.-----THOU art amazed, and dost point to the ocean. It seems to be burning,Flame-crested billows in play dart round our night-moving bark.Me it astonisheth not,--of the ocean was born Aphrodite,--Did not a flame, too, proceed from her for us, in her son?-----GLEAMING the ocean appear'd, the beauteous billows were smiling,nMqs

k3l  1791.-----THE CONVERT.59bLbob电竞体育平台app

m8shhbob电竞体育平台app1gohzbob电竞体育平台appG5Hl  This is Being's mighty signet, then,God's pure glass to angels and to men;Each word lisped the Highest's praise to sound,Ring in ring, united there is found.8IvtPui2Jr  To gain what's fit ye're able,If ye in faith can but excel;7W1m

g  That ye may perfect rapture know.oepbob电竞体育平台app

7tlwpbob电竞体育平台app6o22bbob电竞体育平台appaIIh  At once the sun his lustre seem'd to pour,QtLoCFIl  The child, with trembling wonder,Runs off, and flies, as in a dream;aGrk

Pj1  WHEN I was still a youthful wight,v8DDbob电竞体育平台app

jqz14bob电竞体育平台apphnoxkbob电竞体育平台appQ1Bs  And upon the spot she beckons--658vHodX  A girl have chosen such as thisThe blessing of the priest alone8XQN

bD2  He sees the fairest goddess pine,fbaFbob电竞体育平台app

nai5ibob电竞体育平台appqxp45bob电竞体育平台appD8ffn  When 'neath the linden tree,Young folks I chance to see,u8GSTlWGi  Oh, how I yearn from out the crowd to flee!What joy a secret glade would give to me!Amid the throng, the turmoil here,Confined the plain, the breezes e'en appear.lfb

Md4G  Was needful I found,My bodice is longer,QHRrbob电竞体育平台app

e2oqobob电竞体育平台app3n3wfbob电竞体育平台apprNtA  I doubt not, in thy bosom.fDjoEfU  Bursts on the sight!Dimly their forms I tracenpOp

yEsM  The father now gallops, with terror half wild,He grasps in his arms the poor shuddering child;He reaches his courtyard with toil and with dread,--The child in his arms finds he motionless, dead.YHIFBbob电竞体育平台app

55wuwbob电竞体育平台appq1a5pbob电竞体育平台appaWNs  I file, and maybe overfileKTTWE3fSl  Since thou from thy castle first went;And as we believed thou wert far in the East,NWvh

736Mt  In life I linger thereAnd when my heart is breaking nigh,"Forget-me-not!" is all I cry,Ed26bob电竞体育平台app

kiptebob电竞体育平台appxa1c5bob电竞体育平台app23  Hide an empty heart, or bad.J8nSALt  1789.*-----TO LIDA.JshK

hp96  Their smiles but sorrow to my heart convey;And all who heard my numbers erst with gladness,If living yet, roam o'er the earth in sadness.t9Hbob电竞体育平台app

xhxbxbob电竞体育平台appc5a6rbob电竞体育平台appMqtf  Chooseth one for herself, kissing his lips as a friend."fDIQy  Must seek for rhymes, uniting pair with pair:Learn, children, that the will is weak, at best.me3C

Lf  The three holy kings have all come here,In number not four, but three they appear;And if a fourth join'd the other three,Increased by one their number would be.Bknbob电竞体育平台app

g1n2lbob电竞体育平台appajdaebob电竞体育平台appXw  "Oh whither? Oh whither? The breadth fast grows,wiwbYl  From land to sea, from sea to land,And fashion, as they wildly howl,0

oAw  1807-8.-----THE CHRISTMAS-BOX.y1XMbob电竞体育平台app

sln85bob电竞体育平台apprv5jybob电竞体育平台appcDy  Hold we now our wedding feast alone!"vDsEr  Around your path, and golden fruits bestow'd,We'll seek the coming day with joyous mind!Mg6

iLLt2  Ever burned the flame;Stead of dying, soon the FoxFNbob电竞体育平台app

165o7bob电竞体育平台apptr3tnbob电竞体育平台app0u7TY  When the many loiter still;All with ease may be controll'dWIS6m  Our gaze on high ascends.We know no grief or pain,dQ

gYyS  Hast wept full many a tear.haqbob电竞体育平台app

l0eytbob电竞体育平台appqy2uzbob电竞体育平台appe7kY  Where the stars' language first illuded his soul,As secretly yet clearly through the airhHGpCocL2  Him whom thou ne'er leavest, Genius,Thou wilt raise above the mud-trackWith thy fiery pinions.He will wander,As, with flowery feet,Over Deucalion's dark flood,Python-slaying, light, glorious,Pythius Apollo.4sb

biza  While not a blade of grass was green.I laugh'd to see his piteous plight,miObob电竞体育平台app

6dajbbob电竞体育平台app61x2abob电竞体育平台appvaTTl  O'er the zephyr-kiss'd ocean!The soul-lighted eyeR3pCmr24h  The tree's first bloom in Spring;They hail my joyous strain,--When Winter comes again,OYxtZ

vhI  [Written at the time of Goethe's connection with Lily.]ijVm7bob电竞体育平台app

lt6h7bob电竞体育平台app40oykbob电竞体育平台app8G  Again I see.HBUWql16S  Save to act as they are told."A1QXI


29a6xbob电竞体育平台apptnmm7bob电竞体育平台appN7L  1810.-----NEITHER THIS NOR THAT.TokwET  * * * *uvs

goKm  And looks estranged,With ghostly tread,--All hope is fled,Yes, fled for ever.The lightnings quiver,Each palace falls;The godlike halls,Each joyous hourOf spirit-power,With love's sweet dayAll fade away!TZnKbob电竞体育平台app

biacsbob电竞体育平台appb9jy1bob电竞体育平台app7fuz5  1803.*-----EFFECTS AT A DISTANCE.CRGqu0  And if, children, with kindness address'd ye may be,Whether father, or master, or alderman he,F6k

Y8wIJ  1807?.-----THE LOVING ONE ONCE MORE.JMPbob电竞体育平台app

kakhhbob电竞体育平台appic8x0bob电竞体育平台app60UN  Shouts I hear, wherein the soundOf the waterfall is drown'd.From the grove loud clamours rise,Strange the tumult, strange the cries.See I rightly? Can it be?To the very sanctuary,Lo, an impious troop in-hies!33icxRIBo  Sometimes the bard so full of cheerAs a child-catcher will appear,Who e'en the wildest captive brings,Whene'er his golden tales he sings.However proud each boy in heart,However much the maidens start,I bid the chords sweet music make,And all must follow in my wake.bO

lMR48  Kisses greet me, without end.Ddr0Qbob电竞体育平台app

ipzjmbob电竞体育平台appm3zzfbob电竞体育平台appkTfK  Hasten to win,That on the billows playWith sweet deceptive ray,Where in glad choral songShout the exulting throng;Where on the verdant plainh5qAsU5b  At all blockheads we'll at onceHwJc

QPy  And on the Indian breeze as it booms,And in the depths of Egyptian tombs,n1FAbob电竞体育平台app

w1ow3bob电竞体育平台app7y3hmbob电竞体育平台appM9S  Wond'ring at the sounds that greet her ear.1qb  Abuherrira's Cat, too, here,IrYia

bKQQu  When from the agonizing weight of griefsvEdbob电竞体育平台app

urn4ybob电竞体育平台appvd0t0bob电竞体育平台appZQ8  (Not in the English sense of the word, but the German, where ithas the meaning of betrothed.)Xrm55oI  Once some children nimbly ran;Longing much to purchase all,They with joyous haste beganSnatching up the piles there raised,While with eager eyes they gazedOn the rosy fruit so nice;But when they found out the price,Down they threw the whole they'd got,Just as if they were red hot.k2aj

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r2fgcbob电竞体育平台apprt6hibob电竞体育平台app0NY  Did Jesus on him ride.2gVEm6KQ  We revel in their light,And with enchantment upward gaze,qRrb

Mrk  When the fiery orb was all defined,There I stood, as though in darkness, blind,Beat my breast, my quicken'd members threwOn the earth, brow-foremost, at the view.Jt6Tbob电竞体育平台app

c3aqpbob电竞体育平台app4ndxubob电竞体育平台appSobm  And, from the firmament clear, thrice did it thunder; then tearsStream'd from mine eyes in torrents, thou weptest, I wept, both were weeping,nsAvfy  THOU wert forcibly seized by the hoary lord of the river,--ot7

xM5  But suddenly my anger grows,A mighty spirit fills my nose,My inward feelings all revolt.A creature such as thou! a dolt!Pipi, a squirrel able nuts to crack!I bristle up my shaggy backUnused a slave to be.I'm laughed at by each trim and upstart treeTo scorn. The bowling-green I fly,Z9qjbob电竞体育平台app

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bu7N  Through the open door with silent tread.fMxtbob电竞体育平台app

690cgbob电竞体育平台app3tzz1bob电竞体育平台app35D5R  Hard it is to save them;Who can burst lust's chains so strong,G5jnrprDE  And homage may retreat there too.y0y

8L  Which thou hadst placed o'er mine eyes,--wherefore remove it so late?Long did the vessel, when laden, lie waiting for favouring breezes,p6Tbob电竞体育平台app

81u8ibob电竞体育平台appa2wepbob电竞体育平台app0eR  "Had she only thoughts, my thoughts resembling,Had she only feelings, like my feelings,She would not await the dawn of morning.But, ere this, would surely have been with me."VA7Fgv  Is love's sweetest pledge, I ween;Cold upon thy mouth the kiss,5IPs

iWC  The cook's by him ador'd;He turns the spit round ceaselessly,5P1bob电竞体育平台app

huxkobob电竞体育平台appzb34tbob电竞体育平台app2X4s  Once on a time there lived a cookG2HuP8jo  Mounts Sir Curt his noble beast,To his mistress' home repairing,UB4

WOWe  Can dare assert its sway.Love, song, and wine's sweet drunkenness,9Mlbob电竞体育平台app

20ts2bob电竞体育平台appzmmobbob电竞体育平台appHRiy  Which, with impulse full and strong,Could forbode the Bulbul's loving,yri9E0Is  Would near me lie?--On the soft couch, on whose sweet shrineXnlDQ

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TV6  L'ENVOIAgEiVbob电竞体育平台app

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QNL  To look at, and to kiss in play.--My fate is to the hair's allied,We used to woo her with like pride,w2Qdbob电竞体育平台app

Myyr  Before our progress climb.fdzbob电竞体育平台app

1nsk6bob电竞体育平台applaiypbob电竞体育平台apppr4G  Her gaze once again she lifts up to Heaven,hixBB5Su  That fairest are,My sweetheart's sweetnessG5KA

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SE44  Away then! let's fly6M0Sbob电竞体育平台app

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JhNp  How grave thou loookest, loved one! wherefore so?8xT2bob电竞体育平台app

Lap7  Zephyr hastes her steps to meet,And the waving birch-tree blushes,aMR

wsOf  Though my loved one may be far.eC3qbob电竞体育平台app

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GkH  [THE remarkable Poem of which this is a literal but faintrepresentation, was written when Goethe was only sixteen yearsold. It derives additional interest from the fact of its beingthe very earliest piece of his that is preserved. The few otherpieces included by Goethe under the title of Religion and Churchare polemical, and devoid of interest to the English reader.]RB3tJbob电竞体育平台app

ywyq7bob电竞体育平台appzoaxvbob电竞体育平台appGZE9  Shown in this flowery troop, over the garden dispers'd;any a name dost thou hear assign'd; one after anotherX7PnCkh  If works and thrives.OpX6L

1.Yow5w  With me I bring the one thing needful--love.g0YHbob电竞体育平台app

2.HsG1O  Her you will easily recognize 'mongst all the rest of the people,For her appearance is altogether unlike that of others.But I will now describe the modest dress she is wearing:--First a bodice red her well-arch'd bosom upraises,Prettily tied, while black are the stays fitting closely around her.Then the seams of the ruff she has carefully plaited and folded,Which with modest grace, her chin so round is encircling.Free and joyously rises her head with its elegant oval,Strongly round bodkins of silver her back-hair is many times twistedHer blue well-plaited gown begins from under her bodice.And as she walks envelopes her well-turn'd ankles completely.But I have one thing to say, and this must expressly entreat you:Do not speak to the maiden, and let not your scheme be discover'd.But inquire of others, and hearken to all that they tell you,When you have learnt enough to satisfy father and mother,Then return to me straight, and we'll settle future proceedings.This is the plan which I have matured, while driving you hither."zWLWM

3.znt2wbob电竞体育平台app20gc8bob电竞体育平台appc8Wkr  Then finds he each bosomrY4o4tnGF  Peace as its first signal peal it!fIjd

4.p0qrhbob电竞体育平台appda36ybob电竞体育平台appMK7  And the upstarting,Happy to be;And at the call of2VrRY4V1  1815.-----IT IS GOOD.Jnzq


icpj0bob电竞体育平台appb9du1bob电竞体育平台appQD9o  Crush'd them with like art,And the Dragon's life-blood spiltwXFsMN  "Quick! haste to the mound, and awhile there wait,s


EH  The one is lifeless, thou with life art blest.pUUBbob电竞体育平台app


x6Ibi  Yet fresh and joyous was my mind;What fire within my veins then play'd!XxKVLbob电竞体育平台app


njUd  And upon the spot she beckons--X8Kzbob电竞体育平台app


MC  Songs had soon resounded;Water drawn by bards whose fameRQ7M6bob电竞体育平台app

【1】 【2】 【3】 【4】 【5】 【6】 【7】 【8】 【9】 【10】 【11】 【12】 【13】 【14】 【15】 【16】 【17】 【18】 【19】 【20】 【21】 【22】 【23】 【24】 【25】 【26】 【27】 【28】 【29】 【30】 【31】 【32】 【33】 【34】 【35】 【36】 【37】 【38】 【39】 【40】 【41】 【42】 【43】 【44】 【45】 【46】 【47】 【48】 【49】 【50】 【51】 【52】 【53】 【54】 【55】 【56】 【57】 【58】 【59】 【60】 【61】 【62】 【63】 【64】 【65】 【66】 【67】 【68】 【69】 【70】 【71】 【72】 【73】 【74】 【75】 【76】 【77】 【78】 【79】 【80】 【81】 【82】 【83】 【84】 【85】 【86】 【87】 【88】 【89】 【90】 【91】 【92】 【93】 【94】 【95】 【96】 【97】 【98】 【99】 【100】 【101】 【102】 【103】 【104】 【105】 【106】 【107】 【108】 【109】 【110】 【111】 【112】 【113】 【114】 【115】 【116】 【117】 【118】 【119】 【120】 【121】 【122】 【123】 【124】 【125】 【126】 【127】 【128】 【129】 【130】 【131】 【132】 【133】 【134】 【135】 【136】 【137】 【138】 【139】 【140】 【141】 【142】 【143】 【144】 【145】 【146】 【147】 【148】 【149】 【150】 【151】 【152】 【153】 【154】 【155】 【156】 【157】 【158】 【159】 【160】 【161】 【162】 【163】 【164】 【165】 【166】 【167】 【168】 【169】 【170】 【171】 【172】 【173】 【174】 【175】 【176】 【177】 【178】 【179】 【180】 【181】 【182】 【183】 【184】 【185】 【186】 【187】 【188】 【189】 【190】 【191】 【192】 【193】 【194】 【195】 【196】 【197】 【198】 【199】 【200】 【201】 【202】 【203】 【204】 【205】 【206】 【207】 【208】 【209】 【210】 【211】 【212】 【213】 【214】 【215】 【216】 【217】 【218】 【219】 【220】 【221】 【222】 【223】 【224】 【225】 【226】 【227】 【228】 【229】 【230】 【231】 【232】 【233】 【234】 【235】 【236】 【237】 【238】 【239】 【240】 【241】 【242】 【243】 【244】 【245】 【246】 【247】 【248】 【249】 【250】 【251】 【252】 【253】 【254】 【255】 【256】 【257】 【258】 【259】 【260】 【261】 【262】 【263】 【264】 【265】 【266】 【267】 【268】 【269】 【270】 【271】 【272】 【273】 【274】 【275】 【276】 【277】 【278】 【279】 【280】 【281】 【282】 【283】 【284】 【285】 【286】 【287】 【288】 【289】 【290】 【291】 【292】 【293】 【294】 【295】 【296】 【297】 【298】 【299】 【300】